We shined a spotlight on a borrower’s review on Tuesday for a specific reason: Time.

It’s universal and we use it for everything. Fear of wasting time plays a huge role in how we spend it, and saving time is the holy grail of adding value.

Look at your phone. How many of your apps are for productivity or keeping track of time? Over 10% of all apps downloaded on the Android or Apple store are business or productivity. Going beyond that, think about how many apps offer convenience. There are dozens of food delivery apps, so you don’t have to spend time cooking. Need to track fuel use and mileage? You have no shortage of options. As our lives get busier, tracking the time we spend becomes more important. And why not? It’s the one resource we have regardless of who you are and where you’re at.

So, what does that mean for us as a lender?

It means the less time our clients jump through hoops, the more time they can spend doing what matters.

Every day we make a point of improving communication speed and closing times. It’s why we keep talking about it. With our team busier than ever, we know it’s vital we get this right. If an issue comes up during processing, we let them know the moment we catch it. When delays occur, we notify them the same day. Time saved is time for our borrowers becomes a meal shared with family, a call to old friends, or just a quiet, relaxing moment. That’s adding value.

It’s not just professional courtesy or lip service, it’s respecting the value of their time by investing yours – that’s a powerful trade.