4 Ideas to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payments

Wish to Lower Your Monthly Mortgage Payments? Consider These Tips

Sometimes it can become difficult to make the monthly payment for your mortgage. If you are faced with this situation, lowering your monthly payments may be a good idea. Here are four tips that can help you achieve this goal:

Avoiding PMI on a Conventional Loan

PMI or private mortgage insurance is mandatory on a Conventional loan if the down payment on your home is less than 20%. If you can do it at the time of taking out a home loan, it will avoid the cost of PMI, which is otherwise added to your monthly mortgage payment. Even at a later stage, you may be able to cancel your PMI by making faster payments and reducing your principal balance.

Mortgage Refinance

Depending on the situation, you may consider a mortgage refinance to reduce your interest rates or extend your loan term for up to 30 years. This could lower your monthly payments. However, extending your loan term could mean you end up paying more in terms of interest costs over the life of your loan.


Re-amortizing your loan terms is another potential way to lower monthly payments. You could use this process to extend the length of your loan, which will significantly bring down your monthly payment. In your current situation, it may make sense to choose this option even if it increases the interest costs over time. In the future, if your financial position changes, you may be able to afford to pay your loan faster to mitigate the interest costs.

Lowering your monthly mortgage payments may be a workable idea if you are struggling to meet your payment obligations. You should speak to a reliable lender to explore the right solution for your specific situation.

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