With the ability to purchase a home with no money down, a VA Home Loan is a no-brainer for most Active Duty Service Members and Veterans. With the ability to use your VA Entitlement the opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams is as simple as filling out an application with one of our qualified mortgage loan officers. Even if you have experienced significant credit issues in the past, the VA Home Loan Program is usually very forgiving and will allow most Veterans and Active Duty Service Members the ability to purchase a home.

No Money Down!

Your VA Entitlement allows you to buy your dream home. You can purchase with no money down, forgiving credit terms and a process as simple as filling out a form. With features like that, VA Home Loans are a no-brainer for most Active Duty Service Members and Veterans.

No down payment means more purchasing power. While every other program available requires some form of down payment, VA loans give you the keys to the castle with minimal hassle.

No Monthly Mortgage Insurance!

Your Active Duty or Veteran status can help you save thousands in fees annually. Other home purchase programs (such as FHA or low down payment programs) require large down payments and/or monthly mortgage insurance (additional monthly payments) – not the case for VA Home Loans.

Backing of the Federal Government!

The Department of Veterans Affairs rewards your service by backing your home purchase. The VA provides a certain Entitlement amount depending on the location of the home you want to buy and, if any unforeseen circumstances arise down the line, the federal government has your back. As an added layer of protection, the VA requires home inspections by VA Appraisers and Pest Inspectors (in certain locations) before the final sale. This will give you the peace of mind calling your new residence “Home.”

Funding Fee

Your funding fee will vary depending on the branch of service (active duty) and your Disability Awards (veterans). Check out this table for an idea of what your funding fee will be. VA Loans do not require you to pay the fee out of pocket – it’s added to the loan balance after a completed purchase. Disabled Veterans and Surviving Spouses of Disabled Veterans are exempt from the funding fee, maximizing your potential to buy your dream home.

With a VA loan you could purchase a home with (0) money down! Take the first step here by getting pre-qualified quickly and easily!