For those who live in the Los Angeles area looking for an exceptional Orange County mortgage broker, Prime Choice Funding is available to help. They are a full service real estate company addressing the needs of everyone from first time buyers to experienced investors. Their services range from residential, commercial mortgage, realty services and financial consulting. Their website is available with a wealth of information on their various services, programs, and other offerings, which take the forms of mortgage price quotes, webinars, a calculator and other formats. In this article, you shall see the various elements of their website condensed into a few hundred words.

Mortgage price calculator

Prime Choice Funding maintains a total of 25 calculators that can be used for various purposes. The basic ones are:

  1. Mortgage payment
  2. Mortgage principal
  3. Interest-only
  4. Interest-only with additional payments
  5. Affordability
  6. Payment per thousand financed
  7. Rent vs. buy
  8. Mortgage length
  9. Standard vs. weekly
  10. Tax benefits

Then, too, there are others that have more complex names in accordance with their functions. Thus, Prime Choice Funding also has calculators that help answer the questions:

  1. Should I refinance?
  2. What if I pay more every month?
  3. What is the real APR for that loan?
  4. Should I pay points to lower my interest rate?
  5. How much income do I need in order to qualify?
  6. Should I use HELOC in order to justify my debt payments? (HELOC — home equity line of credit — is a type of loan arrangement whereby the lender agrees to lend a certain sum by a certain time, with the borrower’s house equity — which is similar to a second mortgage — being used as collateral.)
  7. paying off credit card debt with minimum payments
  8. How can I pay off my credit card debt sooner?
  9. Which loan is better?

Each of these calculators operates in the same basic fashion — you enter the appropriate figures and see the calculations performed right in front of your eyes. What differentiates them is the number of figures with which they work, what they represent, the mathematical operations they perform thereon and the set of results that they give. To give you an example, with the mortgage payment calculator you enter:

  1. The amount of the loan
  2. The rate of interest
  3. The number of years at the end of which you expect to repay the loan
  4. The value of your home

The next step is to indicate whether you want the annual taxes, insurance and PMI to be indicated as a dollar amount or a percentage. Finally, the Orange County mortgage broker site will give a table that contains the following figures:

  1. Monthly principal and interest
  2. Monthly real estate taxes
  3. Monthly insurance
  4. Loan-to-value ratio
  5. Months with PMI
  6. Monthly PMI
  7. The total of all these figures

If you prefer not to use a table — though that is, of course, the clearer way of presenting a set of figures — you can have the Orange County mortgage broker site lay it all out for you in “plain English.” And best of all, you have the option of calling them up and having them walk you through the various possibilities that are open to you.

Program options

Prime Choice Funding clients have several program options available: fixed rate loans, adjustable rate mortgage, jumbo loans, FHA loans, VHA loans, HARP loans and five-year guarantees. You can also contact Prime Choice Funding if you want to purchase a new residence or refinance the one that you already own. For a purchase, you can get yourself pre-qualified by proving to both the company and the sellers that you are indeed ready to buy. When it comes to home financing, Prime Choice Funding is your friend.