What is Flexible Choice?

Prime Choice Funding is excited to announce we now offer our borrower’s a  Flexible Choice℠ (Non-QM, Non-Prime, Near Prime)
to meet their purchase, refinance and cash-out refinance needs. 
Borrowers with recent credit events (late payments, Foreclosures, Bankruptcy) may qualify. 
Alternative document programs / Bank statements accepted to verify income in place of IRS Tax documents.

Flexible Choice℠ Loan Products

Alternative Documentation / Blended Income

Designed for Self-Employed borrowers that can not meet the current documentation requirements of a traditional conforming loan. This product allows a blending of income between a wage earners paystub and a self-employed borrower using bank statements.

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No Income Needed / Investor Loans

Designed for buyers/owners who are financing and investment property.  No income qualification needed.

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Fresh Start

Fresh Start mortgage offers a homeowner the ability to get back into Home Ownership. You can get a mortgage one day out of foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy.

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Jumbo Loans / We Make It Not such a big deal

We offer Jumbo loans with much easier guidelines compared to the big banks.  With as little as 5% down, we may have options for you!

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Program Options

Fixed Rate

Chose the stability of a traditional, fixed rate mortgage, which is one of the most popular for both refinance and purchase mortgages

Adjustable Rate

An option for those who are planning on staying in their homes short term or would like to lower their payments

Financing Process

1. Connect with one of our Mortgage Professionals

You can reach one of our Home Loan Specialist by choosing one of the following

  • By Phone 1-877-787-7463 and choose the proper selection
  • Fill out application form, and you will be directed to a Home Loan Specialist. They will reach out and set up a time to speak with you.

2. Set your goals

Every situation is unique which is why it is important to talk with one of our Home Loan Specialists to discuss your options. Find out about monthly payment options so you can identify what you qualify for and what you can afford

3. Select your loan program

When financing a home, you want to make sure the loan program you get into is the right fit for you. With our Flexible Choice line of products, we have the program to fit your unique needs. Our Home Loan Specialists can help walk you through the options and help you determine what fits your situation best.

4. Get approved

Once you determine that loan that is right for you, it’s time to run your credit and complete a loan application. Your credit report and loan application will be submitted to our automated underwriting engines to determine whether you meet the underwriting guidelines or not.

5. Submit requested items

Your Home Loan Specialist will send you a list of items that are needed to underwrite your application. It’s important to provide all the necessary documentation up front and in a timely manner so that the underwriter assigned to your loan can issue a Loan Approval and work towards getting your loan closed.

6. Close your loan!

After submitting your paperwork for underwritten approval, it’s time to close your loan. The closing of your loan is one of the final steps before your loan can be funded. A loan closing takes place either with a mobile Notary, who will bring the final paperwork to you or with a closing agent, often chosen by the sellers.

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