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Because of our commitment to you, we guarantee the best terms.

Applying or shopping around for a home loan can be stressful at the best of times. That’s why we want to ensure you get the best deals on your loan.

If Prime Choice Funding, Inc can’t beat a loan estimate from a competing mortgage lender, we will pay you $500!

Whether over the phone, online, or in person – our staff is ready to satisfy the real estate needs of even the most discerning client. As an independent, family owned business, we have the ability, tools, and customer service standards that large corporations don’t.

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Offer not available in the state of Washington. Prime Choice Funding, Inc will send you a gift card in the amount of $500 if we are not able to beat or match a loan estimate from one of our competitors. Your loan estimate must be given to Prime Choice Funding Inc to review. You must also have a fully completed loan application which can be taken by one of our loan officers. You can also visit our online portal to fill out a loan application for a loan officer to review and approve. This is not a commitment to lend and not all applicants will qualify. The loan estimate must be supported by the lender’s rate lock confirmation which must show the credit score, loan to value and all pertinent rate lock terms and supported with an underwritten loan approval from the competing lender. If the rate lock has not been secured with the lender and or you are unable to provide proof of the rate lock or supporting items within 3 business days, this offer is void. Prime Choice Funding, Inc must be able to offer the same terms of the competing Loan Estimate by either Interest Rate or Loan Costs. This offer is for mortgages that are being offered to borrowers who have applied for are applying for loans which are insured by Department of Veteran Affairs only and conforming loan amounts. The competing loan estimate must come from a direct lender, not a mortgage broker. The Loan Estimate that we are competing against must be dated within 3 business days that your loan application was taken and dated with Prime Choice Funding, Inc.

You can email your Loan Estimate and Proof of Rate lock to: or view our online application

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